Studio: Bottom Line

James work is interrupted by a phone call advising him that Tara and her friend, Linda, have been arrested for a credit card irregularity. He negotiates with his Chief Constable friend to carry out a suitable punishment at home. A constable delivers the errant girls and James decides that they should spank each other whilst he discusses the forthcoming punishment with the officer. The girls are startled by this demand but carry out the order with much blaming of each other for the situation they are in. Having discussed the circumstances, James invites the officer to assist him in administering appropriate punishment and a prolonged dual spanking ensues with both girls being dealt with in unison and bottoms reddening with time. Following this, James improves the redness by energetically applying the strap to each bottom in turn. The P.C. is further invited to join James in another dual punishment where both girls are bent over the sofa and paddled by each alternately. The bottoms are now introduced to the cane, which is applied to each, firstly kneeling on a chair and then in the touching toes position. James now decides that the girls should bend over together whereby he can cane the bottoms alternately. After this session, James requires the girls to give each other six strokes of the cane, and the one adjudged to have been the most lenient would earn a final six from him. When James and the P.C. have inspected the bottoms, they decide that Linda should be the recipient of these final six, which are applied amidst much protesting

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