Christina has to try and make the vibrator work for her. If she moves just right she can get it in the right place. You can hear her frustration as she tries to make this happen. Once she finally gets it to feel so good she tries to make herself come. She wants to close her legs to make it better but she just cant! The more she pushes on it the more it slips away. It feels so good but she just cant make herself orgasm. Maybe if she places it on one of the knots in her crotch rope that will help? With those big blue eyes she begs Jim to help her make it right. Of course he gives in who couldnt! He ties a rope around the vibe and pulls it behind her, pulling the vibe harder against Christinas pussy. Thats better but nope still no big orgasm for Ms. Christina. Her frustration mounts. For those of you who know her this is a big deal. Shes learning how to play the game as we go along! Adding a blindfold helps her think only about orgasming. Shes so focused on making herself cum that she forgets how sensitive she becomes after. And there is no way of getting away from the vibrator

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