Studio: Prostyle Fantasies

In the first episode of The Power Guardians (available at SuperHeroineWorld), the Blue, Red, and Yellow Power Guardians were all savagely defeated by the evil Lotus Princess. Now, the Blue Power Guardian wakes up--in a wrestling ring! Turns out the Lotus Princess wants to have a little work out, and plans to use the weakened superheroine as her own personal punching bag! But the Blue Power Guardian is not beaten yet, and gives the Lotus Princess a valiant run for her money. Alas, the poor heroine is eventually dominated and completely humiliated by the evil Lotus Princess, who seems especially to relish punishing the Blue Guardians crotch! Soon the Blue Power Guardian is literally made into the Lotus Princesss punching bag, as shes tied to a heavy bag and badly beaten, fondled, and whipped! Can the Blue Power Guardian ever come back from such thorough destruction??

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