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Ashleigh is riddled with guilt. Her whole life she has strived to keep her thoughts and actions pure and worthy of her future husband, whoever he might be. She knows that the man President Oaks chooses for her deserves to have her untouched body to himself.

But this young Mormon girl with the face of an angel has done something terrible.

A few nights ago as she was leaving church, boy Hart lured her into his van under the guise of giving her a ride home. She knew she shouldn’t be alone with him, but she couldn’t resist his handsome face and his big smile.

As she opened the van door, he slyly asked her to join him in the roomy backseat.

Ashleigh tried to resist Hart’s passionate caresses, but he said he loved her. He promised that she wouldn’t get in trouble.

Against her better judgment, Ashleigh believed him.

After stripping off her sacred underwear, boy Hart cover her virgin pussy with his voracious mouth, licking and sucking her cunt until she was dripping wet. She had never seen a man’s cock, much less had one inside her, but boy Hart wasted no time.

He quickly pushed her down and filled her tight hole with his massive member.

Her whole body tingled and burned as he thrust inside her. It was as thrilling as it was terrifying, especially when boy Hart clamped his hand over her moaning mouth and told her to keep quiet.

By the time he pulled out and covered her back with a hot load of cum, she even found herself saying she loved him.

And now Ashleigh has received word that she should report to the temple.

Her stomach is full of butterflies. She is sure President Oaks knows her dirty secret and that she’ll be punished for her transgression.

Ashleigh is stripped naked by a temple worker and given a sheer robe to wear, then taken to an ordinance room for an interview with President Oaks. She’s so nervous that her whole body quivers.

She tries to look the handsome, powerful man in the eye as he probes for information about her worthiness, but when he asks her if she obeys the law of chastity she finds herself unable to meet his gaze.

“Yes,” she says. “I’ve never allowed a man to touch me.”

Ashleigh is then given a white dress and guided into his office. She’s shocked to find boy Hart there, looking guilty, sitting in the chair next to the President’s desk.

Her heart begins to beat faster. Did boy Hart tell President Oaks what they did? Does he know that she just lied to him?

If President Oaks does know about her lies, he doesn’t tell her. Instead he commands the young girl to undress slowly. She fumbles with her dress and underwear.

“Slower than that,” he orders, amused.

Then Ashleigh finds herself naked on the President’s desk. Her back is coated in sweat. President Oaks spreads her legs, his face stern and unreadable as he slips a finger inside her pussy.

Will he know that her hymen has been pierced? What will he do to her if finds out she’s nothing but a filthy liar?

Ashleigh closes her eyes and silently prays that he won’t discover the truth.

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