Cast: Tina
Genres: Bondage
Video language: English

Tina has a nice flowery dress on, no bra. And nice pantyhose, no panties, and high heels. I have her blindfolded. Have her kneel on my bed in a position. I have her arms tied and secured to the bed. Her legs too, separated. I expose her round nice ass... caress her ass and inner thighs. Then take my scissors and make a big opening in her pantyhose so her pussy, inner thighs and ass are exposed and naked. Her pussy is already wet and flowing and she moans as I caress her body, as I finger fuck her wet tight pussy. I lean over her and feel her breasts, heavy breasts, and I pinch her nipples. She is now pushing her ass up as much as possible. I know this woman needs to be fucked, spanked too. Standing behind her I open my fly and start caressing her wet warm pussy with my dick. She pushes her ass against me and I push my dick slowly inside her. I then fuck her slowly, then harder, spanking her at the same time. I can feel when she gets a strong orgasm. Her pussy gets wetter than wet and grabs my dick hard. I fuck her hard, hard...

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