Release Year: 2014

Residents of this house, are perfectly normal life. Communicate, entertain, cook, relax. However, there is one oddity that sets these "homo sapiens" among ordinary people and even separates their views from our usual traditions, behavior, thinking. The thing is that the walls of this house attendees not wear clothes. This rule applies to absolutely everyone who crosses the threshold of this strange place, the hosts and guests. Wearing a categorical taboos and strongly stigmatized as if (in the normal situation), you would go out on a busy street completely naked (oops). So now, the young couple threw a party and invited to this event my friends. But one brand new and very shy girl priperlas Evening - Oh dear !!!! ...... in clothing! And of course it is clear that in this house come dressed and completely undress in the hallway. But why go dressed right at the 2nd floor of the house where full swing whoopee absolutely naked people? Overall damsel angrily denounce, from which she became even more shy. However, the inhabitants and visitors of this house - and let people strange, but not evil. Prude decided to teach and explain to her how to behave in society, a real lady.

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