Studio: Sexuallybroken

Lyla Storm is one of a kind. Clocking in at a lean 118 pounds, this Latina commits every single ounce to dedicated deepthroat and rough animalistic sex. She fucks like a crazed weasel in heat, every fiber in her being seeking sexual abandon. That sort of dedication is why we keep having this slut back.
Bound in a leather straightjacket from The Stockroom with her arms firmly encased and her lean legs spread wide, Lyla is ready and waiting for the epic dicking down she is about to receive. Her extremely talented mouth hangs off the edge of our well used fuckbed. We walk right up and make full use of that face. On the other end 10 inches of BBC drill her deeply. Both cocks attempt to meet in the middle and shake hands as they turn Lyla into a sex sandwich. It is a relentless tag team without mercy.
This fucktoy is used hard and rough in every possible position all over the bed. We flip her around, back and forth, using every inch of her from whatever angle we desire. She drools and gags on the dick as she performs the signature deepthroat that is her speciality. Lyla makes the cock disappear like a magician does a rabbit. She cums hard, over and over, as the cock reshapes her tight pussy.
We finish up by making her eat mattress, pushing her face down, ass up and plowing her perfect ass deeply into the bed. Her eyes are glazed and vacant, drool and destroyed makeup coat her face and she is quivering. The lights are on but nobody is home. We leave our limp fucktoy twitching on the bed, unable to even sit up. That is how to use a slut!

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