Studio: Sexuallybroken

Darling is the best pet ever you could ever hope to have. Loyal, obedient and knows her place. And in this case, her place is to be kept caged on her knees out in the barn. The strict metal head cage has built in nose and mouth hooks that keep her holes cranked open and properly displayed. Her large breasts are tightly tied off, turning them into melons. Leather belts keep her on her knees. Time to put that mouth to use.
We walk up and put that well trained throat to task, sinking home balls deep. This pet is a dedicated deepthroater that more then earns her keep. She takes a skull pounding with ease, showing the hours she has spent on her craft. This is the sort of pet you keep. Drool pours out as Darlings face is used as a pussy. She keeps her tongue out to signal her proper training.
Yanking her hard body up to her toes Darling is cranked up into a strict stappado. The tie keeps her at the perfect height for fucking. Now both ends are open and ready for use. We continue her throat training for a while longer before moving on to check and see if her cunt is as well trained as her mouth.
Adding a belt so that our pet can choke herself if she so desires (and they always do) we then vibrate Darling to a series of earth shattering orgasms. Darling cums hard and fiercely, losing her mind in the process. This is a slut betrayed by her pussy every time. She honestly can not help herself. She is addicted to the dick. We reward that addiction with a full serving of cock leaving her blasted into subspace. Tightly bound and leaking from both ends is a very good look on her, this one we are going to keep around...

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