Well hey there precious. I bet you thought I was never coming back didn't you. So patient. That's why I love playing with you. Now we've been working on your training for quite some time now. You have really really pleased me. And impressed me, and a few times even irked me. But I play to your strengths rather than just your weaknesses. Your mistress so so loves to tease you any way she can using her body. In fact that may be my favorite way of teasing you. I train you and tease you with my commands and orders. I can train you using discipline and structure, or there's more old fashion ways." Training resumes as this busty mistress teases her slave. Witness her as she employs discipline and structure to get what she wants. Sometimes the old fashion method of water boarding is required to get the job done. Watch Eden Alexander train her slave in this piss fetish video.

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