Studio: Sexuallybroken

Welcome CeCe Stone to Sexually Broken. This half Asian hot MILF has a deep throat and very sensitive pussy. She loves being manhandled and controlled.
We quickly bind CeCe to the beam and waste no time making her cum. We make her cum in less then 30 seconds, and from that point on she is very easy to control. Her body surrendered immediately, her brain flashed with endorphines, CeCe is now physically and mentally helpless.
We put her into a catchers position with a nice neck rope holding her straight against the back of the beam. Her head has nowhere to go as we stick our cock all the way down her throat. Over and over we brutally attack CeCes throat, deep and hard. Breath play at its best, CeCe breathes when we want her to, the cock sucking sends her deeper into subspace.
We clamp CeCes huge nipples and pull them out painfully. A vibrator is used and within seconds CeCe is cumming again. We make her cum over and over, she uses the neck rope to try and choke herself out but the body doesnt work like that, but she does manage to make her orgasms even stronger. She screams against the ropes, she strugglse to get free but we just keep on making her cum. In the end she cant even stand on her feet, she sinks to the ground sexually beaten and destroyed....
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