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This slave came to Me saying he's interested in orgasm control. He understands by "orgasm control" that he gets orgasms, thus pleasure, whenever I want. For Me orgasm control is about giving - or not - slaves permission to have orgasms, but never pleasurable ones, only ruined (of course). It's much more amusing to see their frustration that satisfaction. The funny thing is that this slave hasn't even heard about ruined orgasms, so I'm going to show him what this are. I explained him how they work, and he is eager to try; poor thing, he doesn't know what's he in for. I tie him up to the bondage table, with his balls stretched with a parachute, and start to tease him. To build up more sexual tension in his cock and balls, I sit on his face and let him smell My pantyhose. He can feel how much I enjoy this, taking control over his orgasms. I rub his cock, stopping whenever I feel him on the verge of orgasm; since I don't know him, I prefer to edge him than to rub too much and risk giving him even the slightest pleasure. And after edging him like this several times, I hit the bulls eye and the sperm starts oozing out of his prick several seconds after I take My hand away from it. His cock remains rock hard, of course, as it should after a well ruined orgasm, and I'm sure I can squeeze more cum out of his balls, so I use his cum as a lubricant and start rubbing his cock again. Before long, I bring him to another orgasm, ruined just as well. I'm sure he would love to feel a real orgasm now, but I will not give him the pleasure, he will have to remain there with his erection. He will not have any sexual satisfaction, only the satisfaction of knowing I'm pleased with him.

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