Cast: Tammy
Genres: Bondage
Video language: English

I told Tammy to get naked, go into my bedroom and lie down. To lie down on her back and slowly caress her body, her breasts and pussy and wait for me, and she did. She was very relaxed when I entered the room. She was smiling and I could see that she was horny, legs slightly spread and her pussy already wet. I told her I was going to tie her, use her, fuck her, shoot cum inside her, make her cum... and she said smiling - please please please Claude, tie me, fuck me, fill my pussy with cum... please please please... use me like a horny bitch.... I I tied her, had her on her stomach, pillow under her stomach so her ass was up, pussy exposed. Started caressing her, back, ass, between her legs, touching her wet pussy... then slowly fucked her for a long time from behind. She was starting breathing heavily, getting very horny. I had her turn around, legs spread. I had my dick inside her, her wet warm tight pussy... she was moaning... I fucked her slowly, then harder until she screamed from a strong nice orgasm. Her pussy was flowing as she orgasmed

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