After a long absence, I welcome her back with some tight bondage! I walk her in and she sits down in a sturdy chair. I start off by clasping my hand over her mouth and under her chin as I squeeze her tits. They seem to be quite a bit larger than what I remember! I pull her arms behind her back as I continue manhandling her. She seems to be enjoying this part... at least a little. What comes next might be a bit of a surprise, but I then grab a bundle of rope and I start binding her. Her arms are soon bound behind her back. I tie them crossed towards the middle of her back. I don't go to extreme as she hasn't been tied up in several years, and she'll be in bondage for quite some time. I stop and take a break to grope her tits again... I still think they're bigger. By the time I'm done she has a nice chest harness and rope bra. I tell her to struggle for me while I sit back and watch. It's obvious that she still has to much movement and she needs a gag. I take care of the gag first, by stuffing 2 huge pairs of panties in her mouth. Rachel doesn't have the biggest mouth in the world, so it takes a while to get them both in, but with some patience they are soon taped in with clear tape. She doesn't look like she's enjoying herself quite so much now. I add another length of rope to her upper body before I bind her ankles crossed...

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