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1. i met xenia at a party. she says she couldnt find a boyfriend that would choke her during sex. she uses vibrators on herself regularly. she wanted to be tied up and controlled. nipple torment, breast play and lots of squirming orgasms for this asian cutie. 2. morgan and rachel bound side by side with hitachi wands tied to each pussy. milf rachel, the slut can cum forever. sensitive redhead morgan will be sore only after a few orgasms. rachel orgasms 3 or 4 times to each orgasm of morgans in the begining. i alternate working each woman to orgasms until morgan is sore. i then hold the wand on both to make rachel cum as i torture morgan. great point of view camera shots make you feel you are doing the tormenting. 3. it was late sunday. i was tired. fluffy was bugging me to shoot all week. she needed cash. i needed rest. she insisted. i told her to come down. i figured at least i could torture her and bust a nut. fluff screams in some intense predicament bondage while cumming the whole time until i get off watching the pain in her face.

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