Did you put a fucking camera in my bathroom? That's disgusting! You're so fucking disgusting! I can't wait to tell mom and man about this. I'm sorry that I went out dancing and maybe looked a little bit slutty, but you have no fucking right to bring your stupid camera into my bathroom. Did you come in here to see this? Is this what you wanted to see? You fucking pervert, you disgusting little dweeb. Did you want to see me naked? Is that what you thought you were going to get--that you were going to get to see my pussy? Well I've got news for you. I'm going to fucking piss all over your camera and I'm going to ruin it." Justine Marie is a rebel teen and party goer. She's also big sis to her dweeb boy who decided it was a good idea to set up a perv cam in her toilet. Watch this tatted up babe use her feet and then destroy her boy's camera in this piss fetish video.

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