Barbara Scott (Kay Parker) disappoints her husband Christopher, who, fed up with what he perceives as her coldness, leaves her. Left alone with their boy Paul and needing a way to make ends meet, she is set up by her nympho-maniac friend Gina to go on a blind date with a guy who turns out to be a swinger. Her boy Paul is having sex with his blonde girlfriend Sherrie McBride and later with her Middle Eastern friend who had never had an orgasm before though he is shown to have some "Oedipal" desires. After Barbara is taken by the swinger date to an orgy with the participants arranged in a daisychain arranged as playhouses on top of each other in geometric patterns, but refuses to participate, she goes home in a heightened state of arousal. In this state, she goes to her sleeping boy, seeing his large male member, seduces him; this makes her feel guilty the following morning. Barbara allows herself to go on a date with her boss, Jerry Morgan. Though she seems to want to pursue a relationship with Jerry, she continues to have sex with Paul.

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