Genres: BDSM, Tight Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Hogtie
Video language: English

Security caught Sahrye tampering with a slot machine. There have been several big hits the past few weeks and Sahrye was seen in the building on video footage every time. If they weren't so greedy they could probably get away with their scam every few months, but in the end they're all greedy. Ace knows that she's not working alone and he wants to know who her accomplices are. The clip starts with Sahrye sitting in a chair. She is ballgagged and her ankles are cuffed to the chair and her wrists are cuffed behind her back. Ace soon saunters in. He grabs her by her hair and examines her. He slap/gropes her tits through her satin blouse and bra. He doesn't feel like security gagged her well enough so he wraps vetwrap over her ballgag, before grabbing a roll of white tape. Sahrye had been tied at her waist with rope. Ace wants to really make sure their is no escape, so he starts taping her at her waist right over the rope. He wants her to feel as vulnerable as possible, so he unbuttons her blouse and then cuts away her skirt, exposing her pretty blue panties, and shapely hose clad legs. He eventually removes her gagand asks her a few questions. She is uncooperative, so she is regagged. An old shop rag is stuffed in her mouth and sealed in with white bandage tape. He continues taping her with the wide roll of white tape. He snips off her bra and roughly gropes her pert tits. He now continues taping her to the chair. He once again removes her gag. She lies to Ace yet again, so she is regagged. He uses a wide rubber strap to cleave gag her with. Oh, but he's not done. He reinforces it with red electrical tape. He continues adding more tape to her forehead and even under her chin and along her nose, creating a lot of pressure on Sahrye's head. He now wanders off leaving her in the very restrictive tape bondage and the most painful gag yet! She deals with it by nervously shaking her legs up and down. When Ace returns, he has a key to her leg irons. He can now safely remove them. He has a lot more tape to add, but before he starts he slaps and grabs her tits for a while again. He can tell that she is really struggling with her current gag, which is why he has left it on so long. He feels that maybe she's ready to give up some info on her co-conspirators. Unfortunately for her, she's not. Before gagging her again, he grabs her by her hair with one hand and starts to very roughly manhandle her once again, before grabbing a roll of thinner clear tape and binding her tits. She's now been ungagged for entirely to long so in go 2 pairs of panties. They are sealed in with the same tape that he used to bind her tits. He now continues taping her body to the chair with the wide white tape. He removes her panty gag and yet again she lies. He finishes taping up her legs and then leaves to get more gagging material. This is where Part 1 ends

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 33:04
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2884kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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