Studio: Infernalrestraints

This is an InfernalRestraints feature presentation on the power of will and desire. Siouxsie Q is typing out a story, a work of fiction that is brought to life in her mind. Her protagonist is a woman in distress, locked away by a mysterious and dangerous man. On the page she has a different name, but in her dreams it is always Siouxsie that is trapped in bondage with her only hope of escape the total satisfaction of the man who is keeping her captive.
Shes never wanted to be fucked more. It isnt just the idea that once hes used her hell leave her alone that makes her feel that way. This story is her fantasy. She wants her life to be a constant cycle of service and suffering. She wants to feel the rough hands of a man who knows hes totally in control. She can feel the excitement as a wetness growing in her panties while she is typing out the horror story on her screen.

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:59
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