Eden has pissed off one to many of my clients, but its cheaper to discipline her than it is to hire and train a new one... plus I tape these sessions and my clients love seeing her being punished for her secretarial infractions. The clip starts with Eden sitting in a chair. Her wrists have been zip tied behind her back and another zip tie secures her waist to the chair. She struggles and whines a little, but I soon put a stop to that. I stuff her mouth with 2 socks and then seal them in with clear tape. I stand her up and attach per her arms up behind her brutally tight. I leave her in this position just for a bit before I return and start smacking her ass. I give her a good hard 10 smacks. I then pull her head back by her hair and then grab and twist her tit at the same time. I then pull her skirt off, and start zip tying her legs. I add 6 ties on her legs. Next I start on her arms. Her arms get 3 more. Her elbows are now welded together with the zip ties. I rip open her shirt and then tie the excess fabric around her arms to get it out of the way...

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