Cast: Illustrious Rouge

He has an unusual way of dealing with people who abuse animals. IR is an equestrian who treats her badly when she doesn't place in her events. The Rights Activist or ARA for short, has taken notice. She finds herself in his training facility in leg irons. Her wrists and elbows are handcuffed as well. Her mouth has been packed with a rag and sealed with tape. He gropes, spanks, and manhandles her for a while. Her shirt is unbuttoned so he can torment her bare tits. He slips a harness over her head before he neckropes her. With IR secure, he starts tightening the straps. The intensity of her bondage increases as he adds many tight straps. Her arms and legs are completely strapped, and leather mitts have been buckled onto her hands. The neckrope is removed and he places her in a chair...

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