Eden spit on a security guard at a concert when he asked her to move and we both got kicked out. I absolutely hate spitting, its disgusting and uncalled for. To top it off I'm out a hundred bucks for the tickets. Bondage is a great thing. Eden can just about anything, but anyones attitude will change for the better after hanging upside down for a few hours. The clip starts with eden hanging from the ceiling by her ankles with her wrists bound. She's hooded with a burlap bag with rope tied around her mouth. She's wearing the outfit she wore to the concert... Pantyhose, a Tight jean miniskirt, and a black blouse. I leave her hanging for a bit before I start smacking her ass. I knead her ass and tits in between smacks. She gets a good 15-20 whacks before I leave her again. Before I do though I grab her by her nipples and pull her body out. She can only wonder what I have in store next. I return with rope...

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