Summer is in trouble again. I don't trust her being home alone so she needs to be restrained. I am also not happy with her, so I'm going to make sure that she's not comfortable either. The clip starts with Summer standing neckroped and her wrists bound behind her back. I walk into the scene and manhandle her for a bit before I grab more rope. I spend some time adding rope to her upper body as Summer does her best to balance herself. I decide to be nice and give her a little more support. I tie her tits and tie them off overhead. By her reactions, I don't think she appreciates the help??? Oh well, I soon untie her wrists and push her elbows together... I keep going until her elbows are crossed. That's better and looks much more uncomfortable! I tie them that way. Summer starts to sweat and continues moaning and whimpering. I take a break and leave her to endure the bondage. When I return, I remove the ropes from her left tit... only to put it right back on. It didn't look tight enough. Once that is done I sit back and enjoy the view. I order her to turn in a circle for our enjoyment. She doesn't seem to happy about her predicament...

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