I don’t recall giving you permission to make “my” dick hard, do you? You’re just going to have to learn once again that you no longer own that little thing between your legs you cherish so much, and the only reason I allow you to keep it is because it’s fun for me to abuse! Of course the only reply my little hard horny slut could manage was: “Yes, Mistress.” Actually the only acceptable reply in such situations. I step on it and leave nice boot sole marks deep in that tender flesh, crop the throbbing head and squash it like a spent cigarette butt beneath my heels. It is mine to do whatever I wish with. So I tie it up, stroke it ever so lightly and then encase the ball sack in clothespins. Things get really painful when all those pins come off! I do so enjoy genuine screams of pain! Perhaps now it will wait for my authorization before getting erect. I doubt it.

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