Release Year: 2016
Cast: Lindsey
Video language: English

You are not a real man. A real man would never wait for a womanís permission to cum. Repeat the mantra, ďiím not good enough,Ē until I give you permission to touch yourself. Repeat it over and over as you stroke. You will be brought to the edge again and again as you wait for My permission to cum. You will ache for release, and by the time permission is granted, you will do just about anything for it. Think about how sad your life is. Jerk off with your loser life filling your mind. Maybe youíll cry. Use the tears as lube. Cum for Me. Cum right in your loser hand. Now youíre going to eat it all up, because thatís what good losers do. Be a good loser and do as I say. You want to be a good loser because, after all, being a loser is the only thing you really do well.

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