I must assume that most of its pathetic existence is consumed with thoughts of getting its mouth mop on my shiny boots. Of course, knowing this just makes it that much more easy for me to control its entire pathetic existence! I love these super shiny patent Casadei skin tight boots. They feel divine stretched over ultra glossy hose too. That sharp metal heel…. oh yeah! I make my pet crawl on the floor where it belongs before leashing “my” ball sack with a heavy chain. Then it endures more pain before it gets what it craves the most… a chance to slither under my boot heels. Just so it knows that it is totally owned, I fucked its hole with the toe of my glossy boot and then inserted the long sharp heel! Listen to it moan like the little boot whore it is when that heel penetrates and slides in and out. It gets to suck my heel clean afterwards as well. Such a dirty filthy boot fucker!

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