Genres: Ass Whipping, Asymmetrical Bondage, Breast Groping, Cloth Gag, Cut Clothing, Dildo, Foot Torture, Hair Tie, Handcuffs, Kneeling, Orgasm, Pogo, Ring Gag, Strappado, Tape Encasement, Tape Gag, Whip
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For PD, the process of binding Cici Rhodes is almost as fun as what he does to her once she is bound. Every inch of her body that her runs rope across is one that he plays with at the time. A pinch here, a sharp tug there, and a bite or two mixed in. He manhandles her while roughly securing her so that she has no escape.

And the way that he finally binds her gives him even more opportunity to exercise his will. The way the ropes bring her arms up behind her pushes her body forward until her top half is almost completely level while she stands. In the front and back her holes are perfectly placed to be penetrated. He can pound her pussy, fuck her face or slam her ass and the only adjustment he needs to make is where he decides to stand.

The next rig PD makes is even more elaborate. She begins lying face down on the mattress but he can pull the strings to reposition her. He can put her ass into the air, spread her legs out wide, or even nearly suspend her over the bed. However he feels is the best way to her, he is able to make it happen. He blasts her cunt with dildos until she is so worn out she nearly passes out while still in the bondage.

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