Release Year: 2016
Genres: Anal sex, Oral sex, Straight
Video language: English

Release of the first erotic game Flower studio ended in complete failure, and the employees were left without wages. However, they are not employees, and the employee - the entire staff of this small company has four good looking girls. They have an impressive experience on the part of the drawing doujinshi and writing erotic novels, and they have had some success in this field, but there is one aggravating circumstance: they are virgins, and the results of their work due to the absence of real life experience. the young man was rushed to rescue the position adopted by a company that has gone through several hundred hentaynyh games and became, in fact, an expert. But here's the problem: he, too, a virgin, and the actual practice of his either. However, now the team no one bothers Flower gain as much experience as allow imagination. But solely for the collection of material and the subsequent success of the new project!

Total size: 1.6 GB in 6 files.