Release Year: 2014
Cast: Lola Mello, Priscylla
Genres: Lezdom, Facesitting, Anilingus, Ass Worship And Lick, Uniform, Lesbians
Video language: English

This story took place in Brazil. In a country where a sport like football - is a cult, and any criticism and contempt in it, is equivalent to blasphemy and insult to all the Brazilian way of life. Although many competent sources claim that the birthplace of football - England, Brazilians strongly disagree with this. Try this bet with a hot Brazilian patriot - an abundance of curvaceous bruises and several methodical and virtuoso of fractures of your body - will mean that you are more lightly on the Hot Latin anger. Football in Brazil is the subject of idolatry: something like the Communist Party of the Soviet man, well ... ; Sushi (sushi), and electronic gadgets for the present and the Japanese code of bushido - for the last inhabitants of this country. A geisha ..... You try to call them prostitutes - you politely corrected, those they call - yudz?; like pizza and pasta for the Italian, and try to tell him instead of ketchup paste - will be for the Italian worst enemy. In general, for Brazil, football - it's the same extreme. They are addicted not only men but also women of this country. In addition to the men's teams, has its own Women's League of impressive dimensions. That's about two girls one female football teams and will be discussed in this video. One of the girls, many users are aware of the tracker - a charming Lola Mello (Lola), second Priscylla (I'll call her - pimply because her entire facial skin in some ulcers). Women's football team which included the two girls made up - not very good to begin the regular season. Today the decisive game - which will show whether their team is worthy to advance in a more prestigious league. Lola - full of determination and confidence that the team will win. Pimply said - that their team has no chance to return to the top flight. Girls argued. But not interesting. Lost a bet - the winner will lick the ass of the dispute. Based on the fact that the video pimply ass licking beauty Lola, you can guess that their team still came out in a more prestigious league.

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