Cast: Lisa Kinkaid, Jon O'Brien, Rick Masters
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Hardcore, Extreme

When a pretty brunette named Stevie Emmons moves into a new cottage apartment, she thinks she is getting the deal of the century. $100 a month plus utilities and the landlord is even good looking! Little does she know that the guy she thinks is the landlord is just the deranged boy of the real owner, an ancient Voodoo Shaman. Using the cheap apartment as a lure, the Shaman is able to have a steady stream of pretty girls to play with. Using voodoo dolls to control the bodies and souls of his hapless victims, the Shaman is able to cause horrific hallucinations and sickness to those he attacks with his black magic. Once under his spell, the Shaman will drain the life from his chosen victim, terrorizing them until they die of fright. In this way he is able to prolong his evil life indefinitely. Unfortunately for Stevie, she has become the target for the Shaman's unpleasant ministration. After a strange e3ncounter with the Shaman, she begins to have crazy hallucinations of sexual subjugation. Her first night in the new apartment she awakens bound, gagged and is then assaulted by her own lust crazed teddy bear. It isn't long before Stevie finds herself the tightly trussed captive of her lunatic landlord, who then subjects her to the vilest skullduggery and humiliation possible. There are many things you can do to a voodoo doll besides sticking pins in it, and her maniac captor is more than willing to experiment. In the twilight world of Voodoo, it becomes hard to know what's real anymore... or if it matters.

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Duration: 1:14:01
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