Cast: Chandra Sweet, Lisa Kinkaid, Pamela Price, Rick Masters
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Hardcore, Extreme

In this the 4th installment of our series, a brash young intern named Dr. Black arrives at the Cracker Clinic to test a new form of therapy known as the Whip-Shock Method. Always eager to be on the cutting edge of suffering, Dr. Black is welcomed at the clinic with open arms. He will need a subject for his experiment, someone who is expendable. Pretty Nurse White, Dr. Cracker's sadistic assistant, is chosen as the guinea pig. She is quickly seized, stripped naked and strapped tightly to the exam table. Despite her considerable protestations through the thick rubber plug strapped tight in her mouth, Nurse White will be the first "volunteer" to try the Whip-Shock Method. Soon Nurse White is writhing in agony as she is administered the shock part of the Whip-Shock therapy. Her naked body tightens convulsively through the maze of wires and needles attached to her swollen nipples, and even more tender spots. After a considerable amount of therapy, swear soaked Nurse White passes out, but Dr. Black is far from done with her. She is bent over the end of the exam table to begin the second half of the treatment, the whip part. Her ass high in the air, Nurse White grunts her protests with each vicious stroke as Dr. Black delivers a blistering flogging to her welted backside. But that's not all Dr. Black has planned for her. Meanwhile, still in the care of Dr. Nugent, are perky brunette Jody Goth and her foxy girl Vanessa. Far from making a full recovery, the pretty girls continue their descent into bound and gagged subjugation and humiliation. Another razor edged piece of medical mayhem from Rick Masters and the twisted ZFX crew. Don't miss the exciting conclusion of the Whiplash series!

Format: mp4
Duration: 57:38
Video: 960x720, AVC (H.264), 2726kbps
Audio: 88kbps

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