Release Year: 2008
Studio: Jan B Productions
Cast: Al, Jan B
Genres: Bisex,oral,Cuckold
Video language: English

Jan has not finished with her wimpy husband, Al, yet! She tried to be a faithful wife but, his incompetence in the bedroom leaves her no alternative but to continue to see her black lover. If Al doesn't like it, he can get the fuck out!
Al comes home to find Jan in her lover's arms & begs her to stop. Jan says it's her lover or a divorce. Al begs her to stay; he will do anything she wants if she'd only stay! Jan figures he does pay the bills, so let him prove it.
She orders him to strip, get on his knees and beg. She orders him to crawl to the kitchen & make her lover a drink. He is scolded for a poor job. She orders him to help her & her lover disrobe while being humiliating him for being a wimp. Jen decides her black lover needs some good old fashioned head & orders Al to do the honors!! That's right she makes Al suck her lovers cock to make him erect for Jan to enjoy. She head down that long cock & orders him to suck! Al has no choice.
Jan is ready to be fucked she orders Al to take her lover's cock in his hand, open her pussy and insert that long hard black cock into her pink hot cunt. They make love & he explodes into her pussy & Jan orders Al to clean up the dripping cock. Al licks the juices from his cock. Jan goes to dining room, sits on platter & tells cuckold Al his dinner is served!

Format: avi
Duration: 45:30
Video: 480x360, DivX 4, 1172kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 413.5 MB