Russian Spy, captures Agent Tori, binds her and her! She then proceeds to hypnotise her and gets Agent Tori to tell her her biggest secret! Agent Tori reveals she is a Super ! The Blonde Russian is shocked yet delighted to have gained this news through her evil methods! Agent Tori then discloses that Agent Jewell is also a Super ! The Russian Spy, who has now gained control of Agent Tori's mind (She is now Agent Greta!) has her summons Agent Jewell! Agent Jewell arrives and is beaten and by the Evil Russian Spy, who proceeds to Jewell and take over her mind, turning her into Agent Olga! They will now work for the Russian Agent, undercover as the Super ...but sadly their powers have been taken from them through the mind control and greater powers of this Beautiful Blonde Russian Spy!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 35:19
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