How would you like to know that the only sex you’ll ever get from now on will be getting fucked by my soft leather gloves? I’m sure the thought makes you hard and drippy with anticipation… at least until reality sets in. Then you realize that you may only be milked once a month or so at my whim, and nothing else, other than the hard confines of your locked cock cage, will ever come close to that thing again. I love turning hot fantasies into cold reality! Just look at this little leather lapping whore. It lives for the scent and feel of my gloves and it craves to get its throat filled with my leather covered fingers until it gags. The more it gags the more it begs for more and the harder “my” cock gets! I’ll allow it to pay tribute to my beautiful gloves, but when it does it’s going to suck every last drop of seed out of that supple leather. Such a fucking glove whore.

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