Release Year: 2016
Cast: Lena Paul
Genres: Hairy Pussy, Big tits, Hairy, Creampie, MILF, Taboo
Video language: English

Scene One: The bet

“I'm so horny all the time, all I really want is having a mans cock inside of me. I've never had it but I'm so curious” Lena writes in her diary. A phone call and one dirty bet later Lena is dared to get her teacher to fuck her. “What the hell!” Lena says but the thought of a new car is too much for her.

Lena approaches her teacher while he's working and does her best to seduce him. She tells him how bad she's been and that she crashed her car. In anger he bends her over the desk and spanks her bare ass. She moans as her teacher's hand slaps her hard. “I'm so sorry teacher I've been really bad” She squeaks softly. “What are you going to do to me teacher? Are you going to put your big teacher cock inside of me” She says cutely and lets him punish her mouth and pussy. “I've learned my lesson. I'm really sorry teacher, I'm a bad little girl” She moans. “What am I doing, get your clothes on” he says after cumming inside of her.

Scene Two:Regrets

The next day Lena shows her teacher the video she took of them fucking. “I would hate to have to tell mom” Lena says telling him she needs more of that punishment he gave her. “I need a man like my teacher” She whispers. She pulls out her big natural breasts for him and he has no choice but to please his Lena.

He bends her over the counter and makes her moan. Lena talks dirty to her teacher as he plows her hairy young pussy. “Teacher it feels so good, I just needed more of this” She kisses him. Lena cums on her teacher cock and tightens her pussy. He can't help but cum inside his hot Lena.

Scene Three: Playing with fire

“I have something special for you teacher. I'm going to be a dirty little girl for my teacher” Lena says, walking into the living room in a pink nighty. She begs him to let her cum all over his perfect cock. Her mom comes walking down the steps as she touches his big cock and sits on the couch next to them. Cory thinks it's strange her wearing next to nothing sitting on her teacher's lap. “Make sure you get dressed” Cory tells her leaving to shop.

“Take your Lena's pussy like you like too” She giggles and strips her teacher naked. “I'm not wearing any panties” She moans. She screams telling him what a naughty girl she is as she fucks his brains out. Her big breasts bounce and she cums on his cock, holding him tight until he cums inside her. “Its so hot and warm, I always want to have your cum inside of me. I'm going to be such a good little mommy” She whispers.

Scene Four:Don't be mad mommy

“Teacher, I'm in my bedroom” she says, wearing lingerie and seducing her man. She giggles, pulling him down on top of her. “I think I'm pregnant” She whispers and pulls him in tight. “Give me that. Does my pussy feel different now that you got me pregnant?” She asks, moaning and fucking him.

“Oh fuck” She screams. Lena's so loud she doesn’t hear her woman walk into the room. “Why are you fucking our Lena!” She screams. “Don't be mad mommy” Lena says and explains everything. “You got our fucking Lena pregnant!” She screams again. “Mommy don't leave teacher” Lena whispers. “This is disgusting” Cory says leaving the room.

Lena just goes right back to fucking her teacher. “Fill up my pregnant little pussy teacher. I'll be teacher's little helper” She moans and cums on his cock. He cums inside her again knowing she can't get double pregnant. Lena is left moaning and feeling the warm cum inside her.

Scene Five: One million tokens

“Teacher I need to talk to you” Lena says and talks about her parents sex problems. Lena can help her teacher with his stress and solve the problems between her parents. He tells her to stop as she strips out of her clothes showing off red lingerie she's wearing underneath. “I know exactly how to cure your stress. You just need a release” She whispers. “We don't have to tell anyone”

“Oh teacher, I know I'm being such a bad girl” She says sucking her teachers big cock and sliding him inside of her. “Oh yes teacher. I love you fucking my pussy” She screams as he fucks her around the room. “It's your pussy teacher, use it” and he fucks her until she's a broken mess. “Teacher I want you to cum on my face” Lena gets to the floor and sticks out her tongue for teacher's reward.

Lena is amazing at dirty talk, this is a must have video.

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