Cast: Fayth on Fire

Fayth prides herself on being a balloon popping master. One day I challenged her to a balloon popping contest. It took her 5 min to pop hers and she even cheated. I let her pick out the balloon that I was to pop and I did it in under 2 minutes, despite having no prior balloon popping experience. She claims the balloon must have been a dud, but it doesn't matter. Since she lost she gets to experience a nice tight hogtie. Fayth doesn't care though, she enjoys being bound, although maybe not quite as tight as I am going tie. She maybe also doesn't want to be tied in 100 degree heat on a dirty floor, but that's to bad. The clip starts with fayth standing in a sweater(Yes a sweater) and jean skirt, with her hair tied snugly overhead. She looks a little nervous for some reason. I am soon behind her and shoving a large red ballgag in her mouth. Before I start tying her, I have a little fun. I grope and manhandle the inferior balloon and then I turn her around and smack her ass. She does have a very nice spankable ass, and I tell her that later...

Format: mp4
Video: 1280x720

Total size: 1.7 GB in 3 files.