Mistress Kandy has given Her step-girl Jemma a real lesson this past year in how to control men, starting with Jemmaís own daddy. Today Kandy shows Jemma how She has turned her ex-boss into her human toilet. Whenever She needs to pee he has to come over and open his mouth beneath Her toilet seat and take all Her Piss. Kandy asks Jemma if they should also use daddy as a toilet and Jemma excitedly says yes, she wants to see daddy juice piss and will probably piss on him Herself. Today, however, itís the stupid ex-boss who is Her piss belching whore. Kandy lets go with a huge stream of Golden Nectar that splashes all over the fool, as well as into in his mouth. When finished Kandy makes him get on all fours to lick the missed pee up and while doing so Jemma tells Kandy how She just loves how She controls men. The two kiss passionately, itís evident they are destined to be lovers, men waiting on both of them hand and foot. The way it should be!

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