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Beautiful Brit McKenzie Lee joins us today. There's something about girls with accents, they're just so.... exotic. It's always extra arousing. You're all in for a special treat she brought a special guest along as you've seen if you watched the GangBangCreampie interview. It was her husband, he's let her come out to play with the Cocksmen today. We get to know a little more about their relationship while we nosh. They seem to be a pretty open and easy going couple. We love when the hubbies and/or boyfriends bring their ladies to play. He gets her going pretty well in the car, they play a game, where he sticks one finger in at a time... I wonder how many he can get. She's adequately ready to be fucked and filled by the time we get back to the station. She gets introduced to the Cocksmen. If you look close you'll notice there's a new member to the group. Introducing Fux Sum Kim. He's a genuine GangBangCreampie member. He completed the necessary requirements and was able to attend a shoot. Again, a real membercame and gang banged a pornstar with us. It was definitely a treat for us, as well as him. As always she get's to know the Cocksmen a little better during the Greet the Meat, and finally it's time to fuck. We get her on the bench and the Cocksmen get to work. They fuck her all over the place, she's get so sloppy. One after another after another. We tried to get her to say "The British are Cumming," when she would orgasm, but she was having so much fun she forgot. We didn't really use the martini this week, she just kept eating each one of the deposits straight from her pussy. There just wasn't much to collect, because she'd already enjoyed her creampies. Some girls just can't wait. We were a little short for most the action, one of the Cocksmen was late to the party, but in true Cocksmen fashion he hops right in and gives her a nice juicy pie for her to enjoy. Kudos to boy Thomas for that one. It was a very interesting day, a husband, a member, and a late Cocksmen, but that's what makes it so much fun.

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