Cast: Lisa Kinkaid, Jesse Keddings, Rick Masters
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Hardcore, Extreme

When her garbage disposal goes on the fritz Missy calls Ned, the hulking maintenance man employed by the apartment complex. It quickly becomes apparent by his not-so-subtle advances and leering looks that Ned would like to fix the hot little Missy's other plumbing as well. Later, during her nightly workout, Missy receives a call from a secret admirer; she is fairly certain he is the pervert maintenance man. Between lurid groans of self-pleasuring he vividly describes what he would like to do to her, throwing in just the right amount of detail to make her wonder if he had been spying on her somehow. He even knew about the large vibrator she kept in her panty drawer. Missy finally hangs up the phone and resumes her workout, but she keeps thinking about what the pervert caller said - sparking a fantasy of dark pleasure and humiliation. She imagines the maintenance man breaking-in and pinning her to the floor as he strips her and has his way with her. She is totally helpless to stop him as Ned mauls her tits and pushes his way between her soft thighs. He even takes her panties and shoves them roughly in her mouth to silence her grunts of protest as he flips her on her belly for more fun. This disturbing fantasy leaves Missy wet between the legs and horny as hell. Retreating to the shower after her workout, Missy soon finds herself again consumed in dark fantasies. Her fingers slowly find their way to her swollen pleasure button as her mind reels though scenarios of humiliation. Soon her body is rocked by one orgasm after another as the hot water pounds upon her soft flesh. Feeling relaxed after her shower, Missy is heading to bed when a large figure bursts from her closet and roughly grabs her from behind. It doesn't take her long to figure out who it is even though the attacker is wearing a nylon stocking over his head. It's Ned, the horny maintenance man! As Missy feels the nylon around her neck tighten, panic ensues, and she puts up a mighty struggle yet it is no use. Finally she is engulfed in blackness. Missy awakens to find herself bound face-down on the bed with her own nylons and panty gag in her mouth while her enormous dildo is hauled out by her gloating attacker. Ned takes fiendish pleasure in her screams of agony and humiliation as he slowly impales her puckering starfish with the unyielding device and then cruelly fastens it in place with a belt. Next Missy is dragged to a closet where she is tied in a very uncomfortable 5-point position. Ned then tapes her mouth shut and applies clothespins to both her jutting nipples and tender mound before leaving her for a bit to enjoy the suffering in 100-degree heat, cranking the thermostat all the way up. Poor Missy is then tied spread eagle for a ruthless belt beating, her sweat-covered body soon glistening with welts and bruises as she struggles in futility against her bonds, finally collapsing from exhaustion. Missy is then tied tightly to a chair, a dirty washcloth stuffed in her mouth to ensure she suffers in silence. She is totally immobilized by a phone cord and rope but the worst is yet to come. Clothespins are attached to strategic points on her lovely body, strung with bits of string to the nearby door jam. Thus tied, every movement is excruciating. Not yet done with his pretty prize, our sadistic maintenance man has more dirty tricks for Missy to perform.

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Duration: 1:23:02
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