Release Year: 2016
Genres: Adult Animation category Schoolgirls
Video language: Japanese

A little head and tail crotch is around the main character is just Yuruiko!
Fellatio assistance 0 in the school back to the Bitch of classmates in need for money,
The school of Madonna (charismatic gal) are allowed to help virgin hundred sword,
Is your fool's junior made karaoke ...

To think about nothing but your big Chin girls, please be squeezed semen!

Tame, junior, charismatic gal is your big Chin of senior sotted!
Shall be deemed to be replaced lunch break, is Bichiko classmate to put a voice to the main character as a "pinch a Is the month ...", come approached the story of assistance .
Bichiko that lured the hero in the school building behind the scenes, to enjoy the taste of semen, which is mouth ejaculation in violent fellatio.
After school, when the hero is walking down the hallway, it is hailed in older Yariko is hugely popular at the school.
Yariko that aims to sword hundred people virginity is Horekomi a huge penis of the hero, such as that virgin hundred sword of, become well anyhow.
The hero had been secretly their feelings

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Duration: 15:49
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Audio: 127kbps

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