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    3 Feb 2016
    112 Jenna Presley - Cums For The Big Sausage!

    Jenna Presley - Cums For The Big Sausage!

    Big Sausage Pizza

    Model: Jenna Presley
    Set: Cums For The Big Sausage (Big Sausage Pizza)
    Pictures: 87 + 1 logo
    Resolution: 1066x1600

    Jenna Presley is hands down, one of our best customers! She called up and ordered the Big Sausage with authority. We delivered exactly what she asked for, the whore espcial! Hot horny sluts like Jenna are the reason we keep doing business. She was primed and ready to go by the pool in a smokin bikini that made those enormous breast look like they were going to burst! This wet hoe couldnt even wait to get the box off our boys meat pole, hope she enjoys the taste of her own pussy juice all over that pizza. Few house skanks make us want to stand up and say YES!! Jenna dont worry, you keep cumming back and well keep bringing you an extra large side of special creamy sauce with every order!

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