Grazy sees that her slave Mel needs a help for the bath, the slave can't wash her body correctly and Grazy will help. The goddess starts to wash Mel's body and when she scrubs her pussy, Grazy feels that is very wet. Grazy asks to Mel what is that? the slave very shy has no answer. Grazy starts to be excited and orders to Mel wash her body. It's very sensual to see Mel's hands through Grazy's body and when Mel puts the hand between her legs, Mel can feet the pussy juice of Grazy drooling. Grazy is so horny that wants to be sucked right there on the bathroom. Mel starts to worship her asshole deeply. The slave is very excited that starts to masturbate her pussy. After much ass licking and pussy worship, the goddess is ready for a fantastic orgasm, gifting Mel with a fabulous orgams.

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