Release Year: 2015
Studio: Asian Ephebes
Cast: Moss & Thae
Video language: English

Moss & Thae are our today’s newcomers. Moss is 21, 170, 49, from Udon Thanee in North-East of Thailand. He is a working as Dancer in a karaoke bar. Gay and mainly bottom! Thae is 22, 169, 56, from Pakse in PDR Lao. He is escort boy, but straight guy, as many escort boys, in fact!
I first met Moss while I was walking along his bar, he caught my attention by his acting, a bit kinky! I waited he got free to talk for as long as necessary. Finally, we can talk and he instantly seemed interested to act in a video for us. Young for sure, but with already a long background as he used to work abroad in gay bar for nearly 1 year! He is fluent in English too, really an exception! He accepted my offer as a new challenge in his life, gay life! Moss showed his preference for having sex with a boy he saw and never approached before… Then, together, we went to talk with Thae about our plan. Wow! He took it as a job and accepted our proposal. They never talked to each other before and Moss just knew Thae was not Thai… but he saw him as very appealing to him! Once in the room, Moss and Thae started talking. Both are very easygoing and talkative. Asians are not as fast acting as foreigners! It may take time before acting and still slowly! After short talk, it became obvious Thae was not gay at all but, anyway, ok for having some sex together! Moss’ envy was strong at the point he was not afraid of a possible mistake and disappointment. He even expressed to provide some “blue” pills to be sure Thae will be strong enough…
Just remind you here: My videos are not artificials but reflecting the real S-E Asian Gay Life style!
In this video’s second part today, Moss will get fucked RAW! Strange story as Taeh started wearing a condom… perhaps too small for his big dick! this condom broke once he wanted to fuck Moss. Repair it was mission impossible, so and great for us Moss got fucked raw… Funny and real story!