Release Year: 2015
Studio: Tsdeviance
Cast: Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless
Genres: Shemale, Transsexual, Bareback, Anal, Shemale On Shemale, Facial, Strap-On, Hardcore, Cumshot, Fisting & Dildo, All Sex
Video language: English

Kendra Sinclaire shows that she is truly submissive to Nina Lawless. The scene starts with Kendra in a cock cage and Nina recording. Nina makes Kendra wink her butthole open and close before joining Kendra on the bed to stuff her ass with different huge dildos. Nina stuffs both ends of a long black double donger dildo into Kendra's ass. Nina knows that Kendra can take it so she adds her cock into Kendra's ass which is already being stretched by both ends of the double donger. Kendra screams and cries but makes sure to look at the camera and show her facial expressions like a good girl. Kendra's face shows everything from pain to pleasure to her eyes rolling back and accepting the destruction which is stretching her ass. All the while, her cock and balls are locked away in steel chastity. Nina destroys Kendra's ass with a gigantic, thick, clear screw dildo - screwing the giant toy into Kendra and sticking her cock in with it. Kendra is a true anal champion who stretches like no other. Nina still isn't done stretching Kendra. She puts on the white glove and lubes up her fist before ramming it into Kendra. And of course... Nina sticks her cock in also. Nina's fist + cock gapes Kendra so wide that Nina is able. Don't believe it? Just wait for Nina to pull out her fist and cock and let that blow your mind. Kendra's asshole looks like a wide open red rosebud with white creamy lubricated swirls inside of it. Kendra is a good little girl with a big stretchy butthole. Nina let's her have a little break before Part 2 of the fun begins.
Kendra Sinclaire is a good little fuck slut and after getting her ass stretched with huge dildos in Part 1 of this crazy play session, Nina Lawless is ready to pound Kendra until it's lights out and Nina cums inside Kendra's ass and a second time onto Kendra's butthole. But before this, Nina makes Kendra ride her cock before having her get on all fours and mounting Kendra doggystyle. Nina does not hold back and immediately starts ramming Kendra as hard as she can. Kendra gives off the expressions of a cock-cage sissy fucktoy as Nina grabs her by the arms, pulling her back and fucking Kendra hard before pushing her face into the bed and giving her some very powerful thrusts which send Kendra into a screaming fit of pleasure, her tranny moans must have echo'd throughout the house when Nina starts to really slam her cock full thrust into Kendra's sloppy, wet, stretched asspussy. Nina turns Kendra around so we get a view of her mounting up from behind and slamming the fuck out of Kendra's ass. The camera comes in for a closeup as Nina Lawless creampies Kendra Sinclaire's asshole. Nina makes Kendra push all the cum out and push her ass in and out while she jerks herself off and cums a second time onto Kendra's butthole.

Total size: 1.3 GB in 2 files.