Living and working career young and beautiful teacher - full of dangers, pitfalls and stress. She always advised to institute more friend-classmate: "If there is a choice in the distribution - not choose the lower classes with them a lot of problems and responsibilities. Students older - more than adequate and independent." However, in reality - not an ideal situation. And if you choose the recommended way your environment, it does not mean that it will be less and less thorny problem than that - from which you made all efforts to warn. It happened in this situation. The main character was the curator of the (head) of one of the high school, which were assigned to her graduation. Just a few days, the girl is very bitterly regret that chose not to start his career one of the "problematic and difficult" junior classes. Senior class, over which it has put head - was not only a challenge but without principle, vicious and immoral. When kids make noise and racket - they can rein in a team and high voice. But how to rein in young people - that a maximum of five years under its charming teacher? One day, one of these students orally girl-teacher in class, extra classes in literature. Someone will remove it on the iPhone and rastirazhiruet these photos the next day for classmates. Since then - the main character was a hostage in young people she teaches and who are to orally satisfy - to the story of the did not leave the limits of the native class. Once again, orally satisfying one of his students in the school gym, the main character only dream about how to quickly finish this humiliation, I felt that the room someone came more. He was a man of athletic build, who worked in the same school as the teacher of physical culture. Eyes from what he saw he literally "popping out of their sockets." He scolded horny teen defiled young teacher and chased him out of the gym, threatening that it will be a very serious problem, if this persists. After fizruk began to calm crying by his teacher, lapaya its all intimate places. Only then did the main character realized the great wisdom that - the older the person, the more uncontrollable, unpredictable, and most importantly - a monster, greedy, cynical and cruel. Distributor pictures with oral - proved physical education teacher. But unlike the pimply youths, he needs something more than just oral sex.

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