Cast: Lisa Kinkaid, Jackilyn Lacross, Daniel Manson, Rick Masters
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Hardcore, Extreme

Two beautiful coeds are home alone in an apartment just off campus. One, a perky brunette, studies for her upcoming exam. The other, a busty blonde is doing aerobics in the living room. But they are not really alone. Just outside, peering in their windows, is a masked maniac sizing them up and thinking about the soft curves of their ripe bodies...Waiting. The perky brunette finally scampers up to bed in a see-through nightie; the blonde continues her alluring performance for her unseen guest, her firm breasts pulling and teasing at the thin fabric of her workout leotard. Soon, he would have them both at his mercy... Breaking into their apartment is an easy enough thing to do. As soon as the blonde goes to the kitchen for a juice the masked maniac makes his move. He quickly ascends the stairs to the brunette's bedroom. He ropes her neck from behind and chokes the life from her failing body. The last thing she sees is her friend exercising below from the balcony. Expertly tied to the bed, she is now helpless in his wicked hands. He tears her clothes from her body and has his way with her - taking time to savor the taste of her flesh and of her sex before pushing his way into her. She cannot scream. Downstairs, her friend exercises. The terror in the room above is unknown to her; that is, until he comes for her. This time, he chokes her with a sleeper hold. She wakes up to find his machinations well under way. She is gagged and bound. After he has his way with her, he leaves her bound and hanging from the ceiling by one leg, and heads towards the struggling brunette. He expertly switches the two - the blonde he ties to the bed and the brunette he totally immobilizes with string. The beautiful brunette now regrets trying to save a little money by drying her clothes on a line - those clothes pins are now the very objects of her pain. Pinned to her breasts and sex, they give her great pain but again - she cannot scream. His mania would not be complete, however, without totally warping these innocent girls' lives forever. Fetching his prized blonde, he now makes her to kiss and suck her friend's breast. Not satisfied with this, he binds the pair to a table in such a way that the blonde is compelled to lick the clitoris of her friend's unshaven vagina. Finding that a turkey baster is a suitable substitute for an anal plug, he shows his one act of compassion by lubricating it with some petroleum jelly before inserting it into the blonde's rectum and fixing it in place with string. He watches on with glee as the two ladies are compelled into a lesbian encounter. Compelled Entry is the ultra creepy stuff of a single girl's nightmare. Blonde bombshell Jackilyn Lacross and sultry brunette Lisa Kinkaid are bound, gagged, and brutalized by Daniel Manson in this Rick Masters adult horror masterpiece. Don't miss it!

Format: mp4
Duration: 58:48
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