Cast: Lisa Kinkaid, Penelope Pace, Barbara Bayer, Bridgette Bayonne, Rick Masters, Joseph Marx, Jesse Keddings, Jon O'Brien, Damien Dreadorn
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Spanking, Domination, Hardcore, Extreme

In part one, mild-mannered journalist Paula Ward (Lisa Kinkaid) takes on the persona of a gun-toting vigilante comic book character Ballista after her friend Trixie (Bridgette Bayonne) is taken and her boy by the henchmen of Pornogra. Pornogra is a mean porno queen whose beauty is only matched by her malicious nature and proclivity in black magic. In the guise of Ballista, Paula attempts to catch Pornogra. Beautiful Super Babe Ballista continues her bound-and-gagged ride through the hellish world of pornography, perversion and horny botanical monstrosities! Now, in Part 3, Dr. Menace continues his horrific experiments, turning his attention to the three hotties in his clutches so they might serve as "breeders" for his plant factory. Subjected to Menace's newest device, the "Brain Buster," and a strange sensory deprivation/overload apparatus, both Megan and Trixie soon become mindless thralls of the evil doctor; their supple bodies are then used as convulsing incubators to birth Menace's pod army. Ballista proves to be much more resilient. Despite a grueling therapy of shocks, gas and intense stimulation. Ballista refuses to be broken. But there is yet another mask-wearing fiend lurking in the shadows of this nefarious organization, the ultimate mastermind of this twisted menagerie of porno and botanical perversion ... Mr. Reamer. the dazed , then taking her in all three holes, Reamer seems more than a bit obsessed with pretty Paula, fully believing she is Ballista. But there is more here, much more, as Ballista discovers the horrible truth about Mr. Reamer and about herself. Enraged and maybe driven a bit mad by this twisted revelation, Ballista manages to escape again, only to be taken again by Reamer's thugs who decide to treat her very unpleasantly. Subjected to one humiliation after another, Ballista is finally dumped in the "seed room" to be inseminated by a teaming horde of slimy tendrils and join her friends as a mindless incubator for Menace's evil creatures. Will poor Ballista ever escape this fate worse than ...? What horrible things have been revealed? And what of Trixie and Megan; what fate does their future hold? For the answers to these and other questions, don't miss this final installment of Ballista!

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Duration: 1:45:00
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