I've been running a lucrative chop shop for the mob since 1990 and things are going very, very well for the mob and for me. I operate under the guise of an autobody shop and have chopped tens of thousands of cars without a hitch. A few weeks ago rich blonde Jeannie Blaze brought in her gorgeous S series Mercedes and I made a ton of money on the parts. Unfortunately she keeps coming around asking if her car is done and today she confronts me with an attitude threatening to call the cops. I pull my g on her and make the uppity bitch up against the wall. I quickly string up her arms behind her back and then shove her down onto her knees. She gets up and tries to escape, but I stop her at the door and shove her down again. I pull out her huge big tits and grope them before putting the MILF in a nice tight chest harness.

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