Freedom Mićalović Cetkovic ( Leskovac, August 21, 1981) is a Serbian actress. He is married to actor Vojin Cetkovic with whom he lives in Belgrade. Her father Dragan Mićalović , who is also an actor.
Freedom Mićalović born in Leskovac in 1981 . Her parents Milica ( hairdresser ) and Dragan ( Actor ) Mićalović . She was the second child (she has two sisters). She went to school in 1988 . She loved the show Branka cubes . A family friend was working on the radio, but it Sloboda once had the honor to interview the dice. He told her at the end said it was the perfect host . It was her first public appearance . In 1989, he enrolled in elementary music school . She was in the choir . In addition to dealing with music and dance and sports.

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