Release Year: 2016
Cast: Carrie
Genres: Solo, Masturbation

I was told that I need to write a bio. Where do I begin? Ive never written a bio before but always wanted to because I thought it would make a great book. Seems almost like a lifetime movie. However, I will spare you some of the details.
I grew up in a very small town in Louisiana. I grew up surrounded by Cajun French people. I am in love with the culture. I was born on a December day. My tossed my to the back of the car as she left the hospital, upset because I wasnt her boy. She had been trying for a boy. I was the third of the seven. My little boy was born after me. Then two . Not sure when the seventh was born because no one knew about him until years later. We were all crack babies. We all had different . I went to live with my maternal grandparents at the age of six weeks. My two older lived with the grandparents also.
At age ten years of age, a social worker came pick me up from school. She brought me home where my older friend was already packing a trash bag. I packed a trash bag too. My eldest friend was too old to be put in a foster home. They removed us because my two older we being sexually abused by my . They brought my friend and I to a foster home about forty-five minutes away from our hometown. My friend was shortly moved to a friends house back in our hometown. I was lost without her. She had pretty much been my mom, friend, best friend, and keeper my entire life. Making sure I was fed, five years old changing my diapers and feeding me, sending me to school everyday tended to. Soon I was able to go with her. It lasted a short Summer until it became too much for the new foster friends to handle. They had all of their , all of the , and now us. I was then told that I had to find a home or I would go to a group home. So I started calling around to family members. I found a home with my second cousin and his wife. I had met them as a small little. Therefor, I did not remember them. But after meeting them a few times, I was ready to go home with them. They had always wanted kids, but couldn't conceive. They homeschooled me after the first year. The first two years with them were amazing! Especially since they took in my friend shortly after me! What went wrong is a whole other chapter in itself. But, the bruises on me at all times made me happy when they kicked me out to go live with my friend who had already left for college. My friend was working three jobs and going to school. I had gone from never leaving the front yard or watching tv to doing whatever I wanted. I sort of wilded out. I went to stay with some of my friends who lived in a good school zone. She did not want me going to the bad school that we were zoned for. I stayed with them for awhile until I ran away. They placed me back in the foster care system. I stayed at that home until a friends parent became a foster parent for me. I moved in with my friend and stayed with them until I finished school at sixteen years old. I ran away when I was seventeen because they did not approve of my twenty-five year old boyfriend that I had been best friends with since I was fifteen. They had my missing poster all over the United States. I was in hiding until the day that I turned eighteen!

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