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    1,511,164 Ruby Steele - Rubbing Ruby - 1920px - 663X (18-09-2016)

    StreetBlowJobs - Ruby Steele - Rubbing Ruby - 1920px - 663X

    Model: Ruby Steele
    Set: Rubbing Ruby
    Pictures: 663 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 1920px
    Release Date: Sunday September 18, 2016

    Meet the Rieslings -- Ryan and Damien. They're the happiest couple in the world. How so? Ryan's a natural-born, BBC-lovin' white girl...which has always been Damien idea of a dream girl. Damien learned about white girls who loved black men way back in high school, when he caught his cheerleader girlfriend banging the center of the basketball team. They called him Slim, and when Damien walked into her bedroom unannounced one sunny afternoon and caught the pair banging away, and he saw Slim's enormous cock and the pleasure it brought his girlfriend, he didn't get mad. He simply accepted it. Now, years later, he wears his chastity device proudly and knows when Ryan is "in session" with her "personal trainer", well...all he really wants to do is watch. And maybe clean up. If he's lucky. Today, he's a lucky cuck. Look! The Bull even got jizz on Ryan's wedding ring! Clean-up on aisle Ryan!



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